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What we offer


We elevate the trust into your products and reach out to the right media, communities, influencers and bloggers.


Open the door to fast ROI with landing page optimization and cutting-edge ad management for Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and Amazon.


Let us find the right design and words for your prospective or existing website. All customized to your specific audience.


Cost-effective SEO & content marketing strategies will bring more potential customers into your funnel.

Stefan Schultze

Managing Partner Public Relations

Holding over six years of experience in mediating between B2B companies and the media environment, Stefan grew with his former German PR agency and eventually took the lead as partner for four years before having a life changing journey in China that motivated him to look for new challenges in Asia. The thought of creating […]

Christian W. Schraeder

Senior Consultant Public Relations

Christian initiated the idea of connecting cultures, communication, and digital marketing. This innovative mix of public relations and digital marketing that Polynomad offers, targets Europe, China, and Taiwan exclusively. The U.S. Market is overserved, with countless agencies specializing in that region. Mid-sized companies in China often offer products or services that work well in Europe, […]

Erica Chang

Director Digital Services

Kicking off her career in a global tech company, Erica has been exposed to plenty of aspects in digital marketing and eventually developed a strong interest in digital advertising. Her experience is of great value to improve leads and conversion rates via landing page testing and best-practice redesigns of web pages. She soon had a […]

Gary Yu

Digital Marketing Specialist

After graduating from Taiwan University in Business Administration, Gary has been working in the e-commerce industry for about three years. Blessed with a strong analytical mindset, his skills are used for performing and analyzing A/B tests to increase the lead and conversion rate as far as it gets. Soon he realized there is always something […]